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ASAT DAPserver™ is the Digital Automation Platform (DAP) product family for electric power substation and industrial power system. DAPserver™ is the foundation of the substation data management system that enables Smart Substations.

Key functionalities
SCADA gateway
Substation IED integration
Substation data concentrator
Protocol convertor
Serial to IP network convertor
Graphical human machine interface (HMI)
Substation security gateway
Integrated on-line condition monitoring
Remote access for maintenance and diagnostics
Historian and enterprise application interface
Redundant server and communication channel
Hot standby failover switching

DAPserver™ product family consists of various hardware platforms
DAPmini - PowerPC based server module for RTU upgrade
DAP-100 - PowerPC based rugged server
DAP-300 - PowerPC based multiple processor system
DAP-AT - X86 based rugged computer by Advantech
DAP-SEL - X86 based rugged computer by SEL

DAP software suite provides the key functionalities and applications that enables Smart Substations.
DAPcore - the core software for DAPserver
DAPview - the HMI software application
DAPguard - the cyber security software application
DAPlogic™ - the programmable logic software application
DAPgateway - the IEC-61850 gateway software application

Unified substation operational and non-operational data
Connectivity of field devices to enterprise applications
Role-based information for all utility users
Efficiency in operation and maintenance
Saves time and reduces costs

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