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DAP-100 is a substation data management unit developed for electric power utility and industrial power system industries. DAP-100 is a substation hardened data server designed for the harsh electrical and industrial environment. It enables the integration of field devices, unification of substation data, interfaces with enterprise applications, and secures delivery of information to utility users.

What typical needs and challenges are faced by utility engineers and managers?
Legacy and IEC-61850 IED integration
Integration of serial and IP-based communication
IP-based protocols and networking capability
IP-based remote access for maintenance and diagnostics
Visualization of substation information
Cyber security enhancement
Asset management initiative
Practical migration path to Smart Substation for enabling Smart Grid

What does DAP-100 do?
SCADA communication gateway
Substation and distribution automation
IED integration - ABB, Areva, GE, SEL, Siemens
Unification of substation data
Integration of serial and IP based communication
DNP3 over IP communication
Connectivity to historian and enterprise applications
Providing remote maintenance access to substation system and IEDs
Full graphical HMI (Human Machine Interface) for visualization
Securing substation systems to meet NERC CIP requirements
Integrated online condition monitoring of critical equipment

DAP-100 software and applications
Linux® 2.6 operating system
RTDB and MySQL database
DAPcore software suite
DAPview HMI application
DAPguard security application
DAPgateway IEC-61850 application

What benefits can DAP-100 server provide?

Improves power system efficiency, availability, reliability
Faster decision making
Reduces engineering and maintenance costs
Improves asset utilization
Addresses NERC CIP requirements
Migrates to IEC-61850 based Smart Substation

DAP-100 features
PowerPC processor
64MB Flash, 256MB SDRAM
2x CF storage: 2, 4, or 8 GB
3x 10/100 BaseT Ethernet
Multiple subnet / IP segments
2x RS-232 ports
8x RS232/422/485 ports, 300-115,200 bps
1x RS232 console port
4x USB port
IRIG-B input and output

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